Adventure Overland Show, UK

PROOF 4.cdr

The Adventure Overland Show in Stratford-upon-Avon opens its gates on September 22nd and 23rd for what promises to be a tremendous weekend with plenty to offer:

specialist trade stands

vehicle displays

keynote presentations

bushcraft training


and much, much more …

A new website with all the necessary information for exhibitors and visitors also allows you to pre-book entrance tickets and camping plots.

Oxford (with a smiling Tim Slessor on the roof) will be on display on the Overland Journal stand.

If you are going (and I really think you should), please make a point to visit the Overland Journal Europe stand where we will be displaying Oxford, the grandfather of all overland vehicles which completed the epic journey from London to Singapore in 1955/56. Larry, my 1963 Series 2A, will also be there sporting a number of modifications (either finished or in progress) in preparation for our forthcoming tours later this year – I will be talking about several features in detail. So, if your aim is to travel with a good degree of autonomy, regardless of whether you are in a 4×4 or a full size truck, then come by for a chat:

onboard power solutions 12/24/230 V

solar panels

vehicle insulation

onboard LED solutions

Overland Journal special offers

An anecdote I heard on the radio the other day made me smile: “I won’t say outright that I need glasses, but whilst walking my dog, I spied a rabbit in the field and stopped long enough to watch it until it flew away ….”

Author: Mike Brailey

Adventure journalist with a passion for classic Land Rovers and an open mind for all things new. Opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Adventure Overland Show, UK”

  1. I shall be going again this year. It will be interesting to visit the Overland Journal Europe stand, It’s always good to see something new.


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