Mike Brailey

Adventurer. Journalist.

Born in Camberley, England, I had my first smattering of adventure when I was sent to school in France and lived with a farming family just outside of Dinan. Bitten by the travel bug, I yearned to explore new cultures and started my journey by hiking across nearly 30 European countries in my twenties. Later, I visited destinations in the Middle East as a photographer and cameraman; and in South Africa, Southeast Asia and the Americas I worked as a tool designer.

My heart beats for vintage cars and motorcycles which I enjoy restoring and using for the tasks they were originally intended; amongst others I own a 1963 Series IIA 109 Land Rover Station Wagon which is my daily drive and takes me on extensive overland trips.

I am an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors and travelling is far more than just a pastime. One way or another, I have spent most of my life roving the continents both on and off the pavement—hence Overland Rover.  My other passion is writing…one thing led to another and since 2016, I am the publisher of Overland Journal Europe.

This is where I can share some of my experiences and impressions with likeminded travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, and drivers of classic Land Rovers.

Safe travels!