Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Pelican16 #22

Expedition Pelican 16—Waypoint 22°37’49.6“N 13°14’14.4“W

By Burkhard and Sabine Koch

[Normally, I wouldn’t consider posting an article here that I publish in Overland Journal Europe, but I found this particular story written by some good friends of mine worthy of a little extra visibility. Pour yourself your favourite drink, park yourself in a comfortable spot and enjoy the read.]

am cloaked in darkness in a flat gravel desert some 30 km northwest of the intersection between the 22nd parallel and the 12th degree of longitude. The setting moon Continue reading “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”

I’m Walking on Sunshine, whoa … and don’t it feel good!

SunWare portable solar panel

Temperatures nudging close to 40°C, the radio blasting out an evergreen hit first released in 1983 by Katrina and The Waves … the fridge is filled with cold drinks; phones, cameras and computers are all fully charged thanks to portable solar power. Continue reading “I’m Walking on Sunshine, whoa … and don’t it feel good!”


Efoy Go!
Powerful and versatile … the EFOY GO!

Toward the end of summer 2015, I contacted SFC to discuss their latest addition to the family, EFOY GO!.  I had already seen the compact power-pack at shows, read online reports and followed their page on Facebook.  All the facts and features pointed toward a useful piece of gear Continue reading “EFOY GO!”

The longest Land Rover parade … ever (almost)

No, this isn’t about a traffic jam near Solihull.

2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the Land Rover brand with elaborate and imaginative celebrations being held since the beginning of the year—one of the most notable being Land Rover Day on April 30th with live streams from around the world.

From humble beginnings in the post-war years, Continue reading “The longest Land Rover parade … ever (almost)”

All about Larry


Greenlaning in the spring

My connection with the Land Rover marque goes back to the time before I could even walk. I was born in Blackwater, near Camberley in the UK, in 1961. The area was basically one big military training ground—no one was surprised to see tanks parked between the shrubs Continue reading “All about Larry”